Up until July 2014, we knew of no other examples of this mid-1960's analog computer. Our computer was manufactured in Slough, Bucks, England at LAN-Electronics, LTD. The serial number of the main computing unit is 067 so at least 66 others were made. If you have any information on this unusual computer, please contact us. In 2014, a partial unit was sold on Ebay in England, reported to a museum. The partial unit consists of the central LA-4 unit but has no power supply, patchboards relay control or counter. There are some slight differences between our two LA-4 units, such as the color of some switches and an alteration that replaces the RES.COM. receptacles with a meter. We have contacted the new owner and hope to hear from them soon.

If you know the location of any other of these, please let us know by contacting us at info@EarlyComputers.com.